Wednesday, December 3, 2008

NEW Recipe Discovery for 12/4/08

Connie’s Pressure Cooker Beef and Veggie Soup

One night while searching for something to fix for dinner in the winter I came up with this soup combo by hit or miss and it turned out to be OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD. I hope you and yours will enjoy it as much as we do it’s definitely a KEEPER. You can also do this soup in a crock pot or on stove top and let it simmer all day if you want to keep your veggie’s whole instead of pureed like I have done here but it’s a better way if you have little ones to get LOTS of veggie’s in them without knowing they are there.

I use my 8 or 10 qt pressure Cooker

4 – beef steaks, Roast [Cut into cubes] or bones with scrap meat still on them just ask the butcher at your supper market for Meaty soup bones.

1 – Tab of Minced Garlic [I keep a jar from the produce section in my refrigerator or you can sub Garlic Powder or Minced Dried Garlic to Equal]

4 – small onions – chopped

1 – Envelope of Dry Onion Soup Mix

4 – Beef Bouillon cubes

2 – Tablespoons of Black Pepper

Place above in pressure pot and add water to cover. Bring pot uncovered to a rolling boil on HIGH heat. Place lid with Jiggler on it and as soon as it starts to jiggle turn the heat to Med Low and process for 30 mins. After 30 mins remove pot from heat and set in sink and run COLD water over the lid until the pressure is released and you can remove the jiggler with a fork. With a slotted spoon remove the meat and/or bones and set aside.

In a separate saucepan make a Roué using:

1 stick of REAL Butter and 5 Heaping Tablespoons of All Purpose Flour whisk to combine and let get golden brown in color around 5 mins, add in enough milk or cream to make a stiff gravy and add to the juice in your pot.

Add to this:

1 Bag of Frozen Cauliflower and broccoli mix

1 can of Whole Kernel Corn

1 can of peas

1 can of carrots

1 can of asparagus peaces

Bring to a boil add lid and as soon as it begins to jiggle reduce heat to Medium Low and process for 10 mins.

Remove from heat to sink and do the cold water process to bring the pressure down and remove lid. Using a STICK Blender puree everything till smooth and add back in meat chunks to warm.

That’s it other than baking up some good cornbread muffins to sop [as we say where I live] up every last drop of the soup. This makes A LOT of soup but it is better as left overs and freezes beautifully.


robingreen said...

This recipe sounds just wonderful. I am not one who does a lot of cooking but my husband does. Thanks for this one, I am sure he will use it.

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